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Need Reliability and Speed? You've come to the right place...

PageAway for windows
is a very simple, yet powerful program, designed to send alpha and numeric messages to any Alpha or Numeric pager on the market. All you need is a computer and a modem to let PageAway work for you.

PageAway is 100% user friendly and offers the individual a sense of their own personality right on their own desktop. Its powerful design allows you, the user, to be versatile, using its many preferences and features.

PageAway will send the most accurate pages, along with the confirmation from the service provider, and a detailed log of all pages sent. PageAway is the only reliable, detailed, yet easiest to use paging software on the market today. Once you purchase PageAway, you will never want to try another product of its kind. You will never find another paging software as friendly and tasteful as PageAway for Windows, the name says it all !!!

Key buying points:
Runs on Windows 3.x, Windows 95/98/NT

  1. Point and Click  

    Scheduling Personal Pager phone book
    Categories Group Paging
    Message Log Multiple Desktops
    Colors and Fonts Wallpapers
    Quick Search Macro Keypad
    Alpha Key touch pad Character Counter
    Multiple Preferences Expandable Message Box
    Help Status Bar Minimizes On Startup
    Full support of outside line numbers Supports both alpha and numeric pagers
    1,000 characters per message Over 300 pre-defined modems
    Multiple Messaging Animation and Sound
    Signature Stamp Multimedia
    Multiple Selection Quick View Profile
  2. The list goes on and on....