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Note: The following files are updates only. If you do not have version 3 or higher installed already, you will need to download the full program. .

PageAway 3.5 Client Edition (Release 3) - Year 2000 ready

client3b.exe -- 05/05/99 -- filesize: (362k)
Latest Build 404 (Self-Installing)

consist.exe -- 05/14/98 -- filesize: (6k)
PageAway Repair Utility v1.11 (Included in client3b.exe)

showsrv.exe -- 10/05/98 -- filesize: (6k)
PageAway Server Console 1.13 (No Animated Graphics Edition)
Copy this file to your PageAway directory.

PageAway 3.5 Server Edition (Release 3) - Year 2000 ready

server3b.exe -- 03/06/99 -- filesize (182k)
Latest Build 352 (Self-Installing)

secure.exe-- 05/05/99 -- filesize: (65k) (Registered users only)
PageAway Client Security Setup Utility v1.3

Updated Modem List (Client and Server)

pwmodem.exe -- 02-05-99 -- filesize (7k) Updated Modem List

After installing a new modem list, start PageAway and select, SETUP, PREFERENCES, and re-select your modem for the new modem information to take affect.

PowerPage 2.x Export Utility

Need to import your old data from PowerPage 2.x? This utility will create a PageAway Import File.
export.exe -- 05/05/97 -- filesize (11.5k)