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Auto-Reg and Auto-UnReg are two very light weight C++ utilities that reside in your SendTo Folder. To Register and Un-Register an Out-Proccess EXE, In Process OCX or DLL, simply highlight the file or files you need to register or un-register, and right click your mouse button and select SendTo!!!

Also includes AutoRegInteractive.exe which launches dcomcnfg.exe after registering an Out-Process EXE.

Windows 95 and NT 4.0
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Windows 98 and NT 5.0
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Codetrap.dll is a VB 6.0 Add-in that adds simple error trapping code to your existing code modules. Simply register this utility and the next time you start any Visual Basic project, it will appear in the menu. This is a BETA copy so please report any bugs or suggestions to If you would like the source code, please send an email to

VB Code Trap Wizard 1.0 (BETA)
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These utilities are freeware